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U.S. only: Phone call s are utilized in the continental U.S. only. I can record an audio link for your session/reading for delivery via phone to you ONLY if you utilize my confidential conference line via www.FreeConferenceCall.com. This phone number and access code will be sent to you prior to our appointment time via email (when we both call-in on that phone line and enter the access code at the scheduled appointment time booked on my calendar). 


International: Skype will be used for international clients. Where there are connectivity issues and Skype cannot be utilized, the reading/service is performed and documented via e-mail.  All times indicated for scheduling purposes are PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone).  


This business runs as a part-time business. The available time slots are limited.  I offer "urgent" readings when I can; however, it is not always possible so please email me at TheGuidedIntutive@gmail.com for availability PRIOR to scheduling urgent services only, and please note that ALL clients must pay for and schedule their consultations with me utilizing my Acuity scheduling software.



We highly value your privacy. Customer information is collected for the purposes of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared.



All readings performed will only be available to those individuals that are 18 years of age or older.  Readings are not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, psychological assessments, or financial services.  Outcomes of readings are not guaranteed due to the nature of everyone's own free will.  The use of any or all information disclosed during a reading can be used in whatever manner the client sees fit.  The use of the information provided is not guaranteed by the parent company, Strategic Talent Associates (DBA and Proprietor). Readings are informational and for entertainment purposes only.



There will be no refunds for consulting services or other products.  Any refunds or other accommodations considered by the proprietor are based on the sole discretion of the proprietor.  If refunds are considered they will be done via PayPal.



There will be no refunds for readings/sessions performed.  If a reading is scheduled and the client cannot be reached after two additional attempts (3 in total), the reading is canceled and no refunds are made.  If a reading needs to be re-scheduled or canceled, you can do this via the confirmation email you received from my Acuity scheduling program.



All scheduling for consultations will take place using my Acuity scheduling program.  This button is available on my “services” page and will allow you to pay for and schedule services seamlessly.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation as well as a 24-hour text reminder of your appointment as long as you provide a valid US phone number. When I contact you via phone for a consultation you will receive a call from an 858 area code. If you prefer a “recorded phone call” on the conference line, see the phone number and access code here and under the paragraph titled, “Methods of Service Delivery” above. Please note that you may experience long distance charges if your phone provider DOES NOT offer long distance in the U.S. for free (no charge). Please check with your phone service carrier (whether land line or mobile) for any applicable long-distance charges you may or may not incur. Strategic Talent Associates (DBA and Proprietor) and Coaching arm, The Guided Intuitive/STA is not responsible for any of these aforementioned charges.  



Pricing for all items and services can be changed at the discretion of the proprietor at any time.



By scheduling a session, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Please note that The Guided Intuitive /STA is not a licensed therapist. If you have mental health concerns, please seek the proper help from healthcare professionals. The Guided Intuitive/STA readings are for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for professional mental health services, nor should The Guided Intuitive/STA reading ever take the place of a doctor, lawyer, or any other licensed professional.



1) Confidentiality – your personal information and reading will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

2) Trust – I will never take advantage of my clients in any way. I will not allow my clients to become addicted to or dependent on my tarot readings.

3) Non-judgement – You will never be judged for the issues and questions you bring to a reading.

4) Empowerment – My goal as a reader is to empower you to live your life with joy and confidence and make your own decisions. I will not tell you what to do – I may make suggestions and give you ideas and insight about a situation, but ultimately you are the expert in your own life.

5. Oracle, Wisdom, Transition cards, including tarot cards can indicate where things are headed in a general sense, based on what is currently happening in your life. But ultimately, how your future unfolds depends on how you think, feel and act right now! I can help you identify your blocks and strengths so you can create more of what you are wanting in your life.

6. I prefer to focus the reading on YOU. Therefore, I am unable to answer questions about other people without their permission.

7. A tarot reading is not a substitute for professional therapy, legal, medical or financial advice.

8. You must be 18 years or older to order a tarot reading.



Phone: 515-604-9778

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All Rights Reserved.